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Saturday, January 7th, 2006

I’ve just completed the upgrade of the blog software to Wordpress 2.0, fun. The shouldn’t be too much new stuff to get used to, the admin pages look different but are fairly similar in content.

You may notice that I’ve swapped darcs activity in for cvs, this time round it doesn’t use the hack of commenting on a dummy post and uses rss instead, try clicking on on of the patches to find out why.

If you find any bugs, leave a comment and I’ll fix.

Folding space

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

Sometime ago there was a thought that folding long Blog entries to keep the front page compact might be a good idea. I have just noticed that we already had this function, simply press the ‘more’ button above the pane where you create posts and BINGO.

I have broken the longer existing posts up already

You can also create multiple page entries, the later pages appear only in the post view, click the title of this post to see an example.

1st Annual Epigram Photography Competition

Saturday, June 18th, 2005

I’m currently in the process of sprucing up the Epigram website and at the same time sharpening up the look of the blog so that there’s a common look and feel, but at the same time making it look less like an out of the box weblog (which is what this style is modulo some grass).

So to the competition, I’ve been struggling to come up with 2 banner pictures which are appropriate for the two sites, ideally they should:

  • be approximately the size of the current Epilogue banner
  • be related in some way to each other…
  • …but also recognisably different from each other so the two sites are distinct
  • not be too fussy, so that the titles and subtitles of the pages are easily read
  • not be copyrighted (unless it’s your copyright and you are happy for us to abuse it)

They could also be related to the project or just pretty, it’s up to you.

Any entries on the back of a postcard to the usual address (or you can email pwm AT cs DOT nott DOT ac DOT uk).

Prizes include a pint when i next see you


Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Thanks to Wouter for finding it (as some of you will have already seen) we now have a \LaTeX plugin to pull off crazy stunts such as:

$\bfig \Vtrianglepair/>`<-`>`..>`>/[A`A+B`B`C ;\mathrm{inl}`\mathrm{inr}`f`{[f,g]}`g] \efig$

Hmm, I wonder if I can get Conor’s Epigram macros into it…


\Axiom{\TC{Nat}\hab \Type}\;\;
\Rule{\vm, \vn\hab\TC{Nat}}{\vm\FN{+}\vn\hab\TC{Nat}}\\
\vm & \FN{+} & \vn & \BY\RW{rec}\;\vm\\
\;\;\DC{zero}& \FN{+} & \vn & \cq \vn \\
\;\;(\DC{suc}\ \vm) & \FN{+} & \vn & \cq\DC{suc}\;(\vm\FN{+}\vn)\\

Yes, it seems I can.

It guess the next thing people would want is lhs2tex. I’m on it


%format ^+^ = &#8220;\ensuremath{\oplus}&#8221;

> data Nat        = Zero
>                 | Succ Nat
> (^+^)            :: Nat -> Nat -> Nat
> Zero      ^+^ n  = n
> (Succ m)  ^+^ n  = Succ (m ^+^ n)


Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

The above domain is now at our disposal, currently it points to but that is only because I had nothing better to aim at. Everything under that folder also has a dual in the e-pig domain so for instance this blog is also available at

Now I need to sort the page out so it’s worth people looking at it… To that end I would ask if people had any of the following to let me know:

  1. Libraries compatable with the new include mechanism
  2. Ideas on what should be in the downloadable versions of Epigram1
  3. Ideas what should be on the front page of