The above domain is now at our disposal, currently it points to http://sneezy.cs.nott.ac.uk/epigram but that is only because I had nothing better to aim at. Everything under that folder also has a dual in the e-pig domain so for instance this blog is also available at www.e-pig.org/epilogue.

Now I need to sort the page out so it’s worth people looking at it… To that end I would ask if people had any of the following to let me know:

  1. Libraries compatable with the new include mechanism
  2. Ideas on what should be in the downloadable versions of Epigram1
  3. Ideas what should be on the front page of e-pig.org

10 Responses to “www.e-pig.org”

  1. pwm Says:

    Hmm, some of the links on the blog are hard and so take you away from e-pig… to sneezy… I guess it would be nice if I made them soft to fix that but it’s not urgent

  2. Conor Says:

    I guess the thing to do would be to collect a pile of examples and abstract repeated stuff to the library. This is rightly the work of a curator/librarian character who has not yet been appointed. I nominate anyone but me.

    I shall, however, see if I can find my way to committing a whole bunch of examples that I have lying around on my Thinkpad, if only so I never need to
    hear its whiny hard drive ever again.

  3. pwm Says:

    Maybe this isn’t the place to say this but I wanted to mention that I am now taking daily backups of the blog, in case anything goes wrang.

  4. pwm Says:

    Grr, sys admins upgraded the server and broke the work i did to get this working… At least the blog is still intact

  5. pwm Says:

    OK people, the virtual server is back up again. I have also changed the settings so that links in the blog point to www.e-pig.org/epilogue because I think it’s better, you can still use the old address

  6. Conor Says:

    Something’s a little awry, for me at least. I can reach the blog via sneezy but not e-pig.

  7. pwm Says:


    Ctrl-F5 might do the job

    anyone else finding this problem?

  8. Conor Says:

    So, I type www.e-pig.org/epilogue and it tells me it can’t find www.e-pig.org/epigram/epilogue. Weird. Same when I click on the link above.

    Other weirdness. I can’t ssh to sneezy at the moment (has its host id changed?). But at least it responds. Neither marian nor pat responds to ping let alone ssh even though pat at least is obviously alive. I can’t read my email (marian won’t talk to me, and I need to delete a .cccache.lock file anyway). This blog is my only way to communicate with the rest of the net.

    Or to put it another way. Help, I’m a prisoner in a toothpaste factory!

  9. Conor Says:

    I’m no longer a prisoner in a toothpaste factory, but I’m still 404-ing this blog unless I stick index.php on the url or I go via sneezy.

  10. Conor Says:

    Fixed now. I clicked on the grass holding a variety of random modifier keys until it deigned to reload the new page instead of grabing a broken forward from the cache.

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