Thanks to Wouter for finding it (as some of you will have already seen) we now have a \LaTeX plugin to pull off crazy stunts such as:

$\bfig \Vtrianglepair/>`<-`>`..>`>/[A`A+B`B`C ;\mathrm{inl}`\mathrm{inr}`f`{[f,g]}`g] \efig$

Hmm, I wonder if I can get Conor’s Epigram macros into it…


\Axiom{\TC{Nat}\hab \Type}\;\;
\Rule{\vm, \vn\hab\TC{Nat}}{\vm\FN{+}\vn\hab\TC{Nat}}\\
\vm & \FN{+} & \vn & \BY\RW{rec}\;\vm\\
\;\;\DC{zero}& \FN{+} & \vn & \cq \vn \\
\;\;(\DC{suc}\ \vm) & \FN{+} & \vn & \cq\DC{suc}\;(\vm\FN{+}\vn)\\

Yes, it seems I can.

It guess the next thing people would want is lhs2tex. I’m on it


%format ^+^ = &#8220;\ensuremath{\oplus}&#8221;

> data Nat        = Zero
>                 | Succ Nat
> (^+^)            :: Nat -> Nat -> Nat
> Zero      ^+^ n  = n
> (Succ m)  ^+^ n  = Succ (m ^+^ n)


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  1. Cyril Konopko Says:

    It looked much better a couple of hours ago… Why do I see tex source instead of beatiful pictures now?

  2. pwm Says:


  3. Cyril Konopko Says:

    Yes, now it’s better

  4. txa Says:

    Great! You don’t need to post the source-code because we can see it anyway.

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