1st Annual Epigram Photography Competition

I’m currently in the process of sprucing up the Epigram website and at the same time sharpening up the look of the blog so that there’s a common look and feel, but at the same time making it look less like an out of the box weblog (which is what this style is modulo some grass).

So to the competition, I’ve been struggling to come up with 2 banner pictures which are appropriate for the two sites, ideally they should:

  • be approximately the size of the current Epilogue banner
  • be related in some way to each other…
  • …but also recognisably different from each other so the two sites are distinct
  • not be too fussy, so that the titles and subtitles of the pages are easily read
  • not be copyrighted (unless it’s your copyright and you are happy for us to abuse it)

They could also be related to the project or just pretty, it’s up to you.

Any entries on the back of a postcard to the usual address (or you can email pwm AT cs DOT nott DOT ac DOT uk).

Prizes include a pint when i next see you

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