Points from today’s meeting:

  • darcs is being tested but we’ll hold off using it for epigram for a week or so.
  • Still waiting for
  • Epigram now has a independent type checker for terms and the parser is connected so that it can be tested out. Consumers of this service to follow. Thorsten questioned whether it was sensible to test it via the parser or whether we should generate terms using quickcheck to test it.
  • Wouter has written some haskell to handle expanding includes in Epigram 1. This hasn’t been been hooked up yet
    as it requires some elisping.
  • Whilst on the subject of elisp we considered whether it might be feasible to move to GNU Emacs for Epigram 1 as the carbon version for OS X is quite nice.

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  1. Conor Says:

    I made a picture of the help address to replace the actual help address.

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