An editor is born…

After hooking Conor’s dummy elaborator to the bits of my crummy editor, the result is the very first preview of Epigram 2 in action.

The editor doesn’t do much and the elaborator says everything type checks, but it’s a start.


> cvs update -d
> cd current/src/
> make
> echo 'lam X : * => X' > Lam.epi
> ./epigram Lam.epi

You should see a poorly pretty printed version of the original, with highlighted identifiers on a grey background. Try giving the following commands to the editor:

> down
> right
> left
> up

You should see the focus change as you navigate the abstract syntax tree.

To quit the editor, just type quit.

There’s not much else you can do at the moment. Next on the todo list are better pretty printing and actually being able to request elaboration after filling in a shed.

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