Today’s administrative tasks:
1. Rebuild binaries and add platform specific READMEs.
2. Conor is fed up of being the first line of support. We need a tech support mailing list.
3. Libraries need to be made usable by handling working directories and the like.
4. We want GNU Emacs like Agda! (for version 1 (if it’s cheap))
5. There are a few loose ends (Jamesist generalisation etc.) that really should be fixed.
6. We want darcs.
7. We want cabal.

Current thoughts on Epigram 2:
1. We need a sensible experiment to see if STM is a sensible idea.
2. Reflection as a means to program generically with containers.
3. Investigate hs-plugins by implementing Foul. Robert.

2 Responses to “Meeting”

  1. Conor Says:

    Further to this, I’ve put a reference implementation of a Foul interpreter at for you all to play with. It’s missing stuff like a parser, pretty printer, interaction loop, all that stuff. The object of the exercise is to compile Foul programs and load the compiled code dynamically for interactive use. Should be a breeze, but is it?

  2. Conor Says:

    Email: I’m fed up being the only person who gets general enquiries about Epigram, by default. It’s not that I want to be left alone; it’s more that I want to distribute the guilt I feel when I’m locally too busy to reply to them. Usually it’s the kind of stuff that any of the regulars could deal with.

    I’m suggesting that we set up something like enquiries AT e-pig DOT org, which should deliver to a designated collection of responsible folk. I’d suggest a two-step response protocol: (1) email the list to claim the enquiry; (2) email the client the response, copying to the list. That way, we minimise the risk of multiple response and we create an archive of responses to frequent enquiries.

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