Meeting, 12-07-05

The Epigram meeting today resulted in quite a few action points:

  • Thorsten should write something for the e-pig website. Conor should then rewrite it.
  • Wouter should incorporate the feedback on the library
  • Peter has had his types paper accepted! He will work on putting some well-documented examples on the website.
  • Conor has some photographs that might be suitable for the e-pig website. He had some productive chats with Edwin about lightning and Term.lhs. Incidentally, his paper has also been accepted. He’s been hacking on the Parser and PrettyPrinter in Scotland.
  • James is working to reach the TFP deadline and has been playing around with normalization by evaluation.
  • Joel has handed in his thesis. He now has time to look at some examples. Thorsten suggests having a look at Tarmo’s compiler and implementing it in Epigram.
  • Finally, we should maybe organise a Hack Fest to get some work started towards a command-line interface and Epigram 2 development in general.

Next week we should discuss a selection of examples, which Peter can then beautify for the website.

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