MPgram: MPS-based Epigram editor

At the moment, I’m developing an editor for Epigram using a tool called MPS. Since MPS has had EAP recently - hence it’s available for download already, I’ve made a page to make my editor available for everyone to play with.

3 Responses to “MPgram: MPS-based Epigram editor”

  1. pcc Says:

    any chance of some screenshots?

  2. Cyril Konopko Says:

    I added some on MPgram page… See MPS tutorial also.
    If you have any troubles with MPS itself, post new topic into MPS EAP forum

  3. Cyril Konopko Says:

    I’ll write a small tutorial on how to play with MPgram, with some yet another screenshots. I’ll post a message about it when it’s done.

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