Today’s mission…

I’m stuck at home with a rotten cold, so I think I’ll try to do something useful. Specifically, how about turning the current bunch of stuff into a main program which takes an object file name as a command line parameter and loads it (in a suitably verbose style, for the now)? Apart from anything else, that would give us a more sensible basis for testing stuff. All I have to do is learn to make Haskell programs read command-line arguments, open files etc. I’ll be poking about in webland to see how do to my Haskell homework, but I’d be delighted to have someone elses’s to plagiarize…

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  1. pcc Says:

    There’s a library “GetOpt” for args,
    else use System.getArgs :: IO [String]

    readFile :: IO String, in the Prelude


  2. Conor Says:


  3. Conor Says:

    And to that end, please find
    Main.lhs and

  4. txa Says:

    *How to add two and two using Epigram*

    ghc -fglasgow-exts –make Main -o epigram

    ./epigram tests/Four.epig

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