Test cases

What’s happening with these?

It would be nice to have a collection of samples in files, so we can all see the intended form of input, and do automatic testing later. Repeatedly typing in test cases isn’t good.

2 Responses to “Test cases”

  1. txa Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I have been saying this at the meeting we just had.

    Thank you, Paul.

    Any test suite would be good. Maybe we should use quick check?

  2. Conor Says:

    QuickCheck is only as good as its test-case generator. For a lot of what we do, that means generating well-typed terms at random. Doing this even remotely effectively relies on the same technology you use for contextual menus. We’ll get there but not in such a hurry. In the short term, I think we should have a batch mode testing interface which accepts test scripts and spits out diagnostics. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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